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Parents' Association

Our Mission:

To promote and enhance opportunities for parents to communicate, participate and establish a strong sense of community and belonging with one another and with the faculty, staff and administration of Loyola High School.

To welcome all families into the school community, provide opportunities for social interaction and encourage parental involvement through events in support of Loyola students, faculty, staff and administration.

To provide opportunities for parents to connect with one another, broaden their understanding of the school and make positive contributions through their volunteer efforts.

The strength of the Loyola Parents' Association lies in the parents' dedication, enthusiasm, participation and love of the school. The association organizes the popular annual "Fall Dance", a major fundraiser where parents and teachers have a chance to socialize.

The funds raised are proudly allocated to these worthwhile causes:

- Secondary IV Experience Week;

- "Award Plaques" given to students from each class for Exemplary Effort and Academic Achievement;

- Our Teachers' "Wish list".

Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LPA Executive 2019-20

President Antoinette von Hahn
Vice-President Nadia Spera
Secretary Angie Gugliotti 
Treasurer Loredana Pino
Dance Convenor Nadia Capozzo
Dance Co-Convenor Jim Cochrane
Volunteer Convenor Angela Mancuso
Volunteer Co-Convenor Natalia Hrycay
Special Events Convenor          Jennifer Banton
Communications  Kim Auclair
Member at Large Nadia Agostino
Member at Large Nella DiLella
Member at Large Manuela Hrit
Member at Large Gwendolin Herder
Member at Large Vicky Leprohon