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Principal's Message

Mr. Tom Malone

Welcome to Loyola. As a Jesuit school, we encourage our students to engage with the world around them, and to do so in an effective way, choosing what is known in the Jesuit tradition as the MAGIS, or the better way of doing so.

In planning this year’s calendar, we knew we wanted to retain grade level field trips to St. Joseph’s Oratory, to Old Montreal, and to Ottawa, for the rich religious, linguistic, historic, and political learning each visit offers. Having run these trips for several years, we wondered, can we do them better? Upon reflection, our staff wisely opted to compromise and collaborate by having the different grade levels visit their respective sites on the same day, to minimize academic class disruption and to simplify the planning process. This stood out to me as one small example of our team working together to achieve our mission goals.

A recent exchange student from Bordeaux, France verified the quality of our team’s commitment in a recent postcard he sent back to me once he returned to France, noting of Loyola: “C’est une école incroyable, pleine de bonnes personnes; votre équipe pédagogique est parfaite, tous m’ont offert un accueil splendide. Merci encore et j’espère avoir la chance de revenir un jour à Loyola.”

Our shared goal is to form men of conscience, competence, and compassionate commitment. This is not just a slogan at Loyola. Our academic program is very strong, with 99% of our graduates accepted into the post-secondary program of their choice. We challenge our students to think, to sharpen their public speaking skills, to write and to speak well in both French and English, and to make ethical choices. At Loyola, faculty get to know each student well, and have an abiding respect for each of our students as a valuable and unique child of God. We expect all students to get involved in school life by choosing what is right for them from our rich array of co-curricular offerings. This way, Loyola students develop their talents, interests, and social skills to serve the wider community well both during and after their time at the school.

With this in mind, we visit external sites for the learning they offer, but also for the service and engagement they inspire. The idea is for our boys to grow to become capable, principled “men for and with others”. Our students learn to do this in the context of a supportive yet demanding school community.

This is what makes Jesuit education special. I hope, as you peruse our school website and learn more about the school, you will come to agree with me, that the Jesuit mission is alive and well at Loyola.

Together we pledge to make this another year of staff and students working together to achieve the MAGIS at Loyola High School.

Mr. Tom Malone
Principal, Loyola High School