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11 Days of Remembrance


 Each day, from November 1 to November 11, 2021, OPERATION REMEMBRANCE will release a short educational video created by students from participating schools across Canada.

The 11 Days of Remembrance is a media initiative to encourage Canadian students to honour our Veterans. Students have created short documentaries that tell stories of sacrifices made during times of conflict. 

This program is supported by The Royal Canadian Legion and Veterans Affairs Canada.

A short video will be released on YouTube and Instagram each day, concluding on 11 November. Please refer to the detailed program which describes what topics are featured this year and which schools took up the challenge.

Please share as much as possible - the series will be distributed to many organizations; however, we begin with you.

Day One - 01 Nov: Governor General’s Message;  George O’Neill Public School (ON) - 'Grandfather Drum Ceremony'
Day Two - 02 Nov:  Prime Minister’s Message;  Royal Canadian Legion President. ‘’ Passing the Poppy: 100th Anniversary''
Day Three - 03 Nov: The Black Battalion: Lake of Two Mountains High School (QC)
Day Four - 04 Nov: The Korean War: St Paul’s Catholic School (ON)
Day Five - 05 Nov: Veteran Joseph Segal, WWII. The Calgary Highlanders
Day Six - 06 Nov: The Gulf War: Loyola High School (QC)
Day Seven - 07 Nov: Captain Nichola Goddard, Afghanistan: King’s-Edgehill School (NS)
Day Eight - 08 Nov: Canadian Military Police Corps: Laval Senior Academy (QC)
Day Nine - 09 Nov: Royal Canadian Navy: Kitsilano Secondary School (BC);  Trafalgar Schools for Girls (QC);  Silver Cross Mother: Trafalgar (QC)
Day Ten - 10 Nov: Victoria Cross: Upper Canada College (ON); Hantsport School (NS); St Bonaventure School (NL); York House (BC)
Day Eleven - 11 Nov:  Minister Veteran Affairs Message; ''In Flanders Fields’’ : Liverpool Elementary School (NB);  Song ‘’Freedom’’ : George O’Neill Public School (ON)


Read an article about Dr. Paul Kavanagh, founder of Operation Veteran and director of the 11 Days of Remembrance Project.